About Us

At PROGRAM 10, we believe this is so much more than just a 10 week body transformation program. It’s about reprogramming your mind with new and improved daily habits.

P10 Approach

It is our passion and mission to help transform the lives of every single course member through motivation, knowledge, nutrition, training and mindset.

In preparation for the upcoming P10 course there has been lots of developments. To ensure your program is unique and bespoke to you the PROGRAM 10 team has now expanded. Your online coaching team draws expertise and experience from a team of 6 fitness professionals.

Visit the meet the team page for an insight into what we can offer you. Our experience and expertise makes us unique and is why we are one of the largest transformation specialists in the UK.

The foundations to the online coaching program have been strategically devised by Pete Styring. Pete is a highly qualified, leading Personal Trainer within the South West. Possessing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Science and advanced knowledge surrounding nutrition.

About Program 10
P10 Meal Example

Why choose P10?

The package we offer to you is unlike any other. Our bespoke approach offers you a unique and personalised service. With the majority of other online coaching competitors utilising software, we as a team personally write each and every training and nutrition plan for you and your specific needs and requirements.

Program 10 Philosophy

At PROGRAM 10, we believe this is so much more than just a 10 week body transformation course. It’s about reprogramming your mind with new and improved daily habits.

It’s about understanding that calories matter, and although it’s as simple as calories in Vs calories out. Calories in Vs calories out isn’t always that simple.

Everyone has the right to make their own choices about how they live their life. We simply want to help people make decisions based on the best available scientific evidence, using strategies that are tried and tested, and work !

Program 10 is designed to be adapted to your specific lifestyle.

Whether you train 0 or 7 days per week, with or without a gym membership, we will design a training program for you!

When it comes to nutrition and dieting, this is where program 10 is unique. We give clients access to dozens of tasty recipes and adapt them into a clients lifestyle or dietary needs after assessing an in depth questionnaire. Also many more new recipes are added during each course to keep everything fresh and exciting. However, each recipe is broken down into specific calorie and macronutrient breakdowns for each and every client. All can be scanned into myfitnesspal for ease of tracking your calories. No generic plans.

We believe in getting incredible results from each client without making it unachievable and most importantly unsustainable. No FAD/crash diets.

Program 10 Philosophy